Tea for Twenty!

One tradition I started at Laguna Blanca School when I arrived eight years ago was a Mother’s Day Tea party. Each year it is a beautiful and special event that honors our special moms. This year was no different. We began preparing for the tea party more than a month ago.

Students painted vases.

They created a watercolor botanical place mat.

Each student made a fancy hat, complete with a tissue paper flower.

So colorful!

Students even picked a bouquet of flowers for their moms.

So when the time for tea finally arrived, we were beyond ready!

I asked each student to escort their mom to the Pavilion.

The tables were set and ready for visitors!

Besides tea, we enjoyed strawberries, tea sandwiches, and, of course, cookies!

Students shared a special book they made for their moms, and they played a fun question and answer game.

It was a beautiful afternoon! Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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2 thoughts on “Tea for Twenty!

  1. Thank you so much for all of the extra things that you do that have made this year such a special time for Leo!

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