Fossil Day

As our dinosaur unit is coming to an end, it was most appropriate for students to learn about fossils. We had a wonderful addition to our learning day today when a parent offered to come in and lead a fossil exploration! Look at what happened:

Students participated in a fossil dig in our very own sandbox!

I followed the activity with an in depth presentation of how fossils are created. Next, students evaluated two dinosaur skull fossils to determine facts about them.

This student extends her learning….she notices the sharp teeth and then makes inferences that the dinosaur had sharp claws and walked on two legs….because carnivorous dinosaurs had sharp teeth, claws and walked on two legs.)

Such a great example of how students’ learning has come together!

We ended the lesson by playing a fun online fossil finding game and eating dinosaur bones that Dr. Kia-Keating prepared.

Here is the link to the game, if you child wants to explore at home:

Thank you so much Dr. Kia-Keating for preparing such an engaging activity for the students! I will be asking to borrow your molds next year!

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