Special Visitor

Just a quick peek….

As one last Five Senses activity, Dr. Shelly Lee, an ophthalmologist (and retina specialist) from New Mexico, stopped by the kindergarten classroom to share some information about our eyes. She brought this fabulous model with moving pieces that was passed around to the students. I was thrilled when students correctly identified the pupil and iris. They even got to take apart the different layers of the eye and see what is inside!



Side note: Shelly and I went to Cate School together. We were in the same advisory group. Every few years we reconnect, with the reason for this most recent visit being the memorial service or our advisors wife. What I love about Shelly is the feeling of reconnecting after long periods of little or no conversation and the feeling like we just saw each other yesterday….

One thought on “Special Visitor

  1. I loved visiting – not only a good friend, but her wonderful kindergarten class! What a smart group of kids who were all very attentive and asked great questions!

    Hope to be able to visit again in the future!


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