Welcome to Swoopsville!

Our third grade buddies are in the midst of an incredible unit where they have built a city. Students chose a business to create and operate. They have elected a Mayor. They even had to pay for health care! The classroom is lined with refrigerator boxes that have been transformed into store fronts. Hats off to Mrs. Green for creating this high interest unit, that touches on so many areas of the curriculum.

The kindergarteners had the opportunity to visit Swoopsville.


Each student was given $20.00 that they could use to make purchases around the classroom city. Some students chose to rent a pet at Pets and Pedicures, while others purchased a newspaper from the Swoopsville Newpress.


The city includes a police station and post office. The Amezaga and Gidney Bank and Trust was kept busy, as the kindergarteners needed change for their purchases. Some kindergarteners tried to swindle the bank, offering to give the banker $6.00 for $20.00 in return! Tech Toy Boyz just about ran out of toys, as one student purchased the stores entire supply!


I had a great time watching these students in action! I really look forward to my daughter experiencing this unit when she is in third grade!