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life in kindergarten at Laguna Blanca

More St. Patrick’s Day Fun

I just had to share the writing that the children did for St. Patrick’s Day. They were asked to write about what is worth more to them than a pot of gold. Here are some of their responses:





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Ty Warner Sea Center


On Tuesday, the kindergarteners went on a field trip to the Ty Warner Sea Center. What an amazing trip it was! We had the WHOLE sea center to ourselves! I divided the students into two small groups and we began the tour in two different spots.

My group started at the shark and ray exhibit, where the students got to touch a swell shark, a ray, and a sea star.



This young swell shark was new to the tank and very interested in us! She kept coming to the surface to investigate!


Next, we looked at the shark eggs. Each student got to hold a “mermaid’s purse.”



Look closely! Do you see the baby swell shark inside?

Next, we went to the touch tanks, where students touched urchins, sea cucumbers, crabs, and anemones.





We then headed out to the “Wet Deck,” where the students had a chance to lower a net into the ocean below. They also took sand and water samples.


Miss Horibe’s group had a mussel in their net, while my group’s net came up empty. But, there was plenty to see in the sand sample!

After a visit to the Jelly Exhibit, we had a chance to learn more about mammals, specifically dolphins, sea otters, and whales. This was particularly exciting because some of the students have done their research project on these animals, and they had a chance to share their new knowledge with the docent!


This orca’s tooth is so much bigger than ours!

We all had a great time. I was impressed with all the information the students shared with the docents and peers. Sharing their knowledge in the field is exactly the reason why we take field trips! I can’t wait for our trip to the Hollister Ranch tide pools in April!



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A Visit from the Leprechauns

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The kindergarten class was ready to catch a leprechaun today! They constructed traps at home as the March Family Project. This morning, students shared how their traps worked.




It was so much fun to hear how the traps work!




Those tricky leprechauns eluded capture this year, but not before they made a mess of the classroom, leaving little green footprints all over the desks!


They also left a special packet of powder that we were supposed to add to milk!


The powder made the milk turn green!

When we returned from our field trip, all of the traps had been set off and gold nuggets were left for each student.


Those tricky leprechauns also left a surprise in the kindergarten bathroom….ask your child for details!

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Leprechaun Heart Words

Those tricky leprechauns visited Kindergarten today, leaving a Heart Word activity. The Heart Words were written backwards!

st pat

Students had to use a mirror to figure out the Heart Word. They had such a fun time with this!

st pat2

We will set up the leprechaun traps on the tables today before school gets out, with the hopes of trapping one tonight!

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Friday Fun-Ocean Edition

Today was our first ocean themed Friday Fun. In the kitchen, students made octopus rolls from crescent roll dough and raisins. This was a fun activity that encouraged fine motor development. The children used scissors to cut eight tentacles from the dough….not an easy feat! Then they got creative with the raisin eyes and used the raisins to decorate their octopus.





We used Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Each student got a triangle of dough to use to create their octopus. The rolls were then cooked at 350 degrees fro 12-15 minutes. They were very tasty!

Students also made ocean snow globes. They could draw their owl ocean theme or color in the fish that was provided. The results were magical! Thais activity also worked on fine motor development, as the students had to use a pipette to fill the snow globe with water .



Next week, Friday Fun will all be crab themed! Stay tuned!

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Science Fair

Tonight is the highly anticipated EK-8th grade Science Fair! The kindergarteners took a field trip up to Hope Ranch to present their projects to their classmates. It was exciting to see the range of topics. The students were very proud of their scientific accomplishments!

Here are some of the projects:

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Sight Word Sleuths

Last week students were super sight word sleuths. They had to move around the classroom in search of ten hidden T-Rex’s. Each T-Rex had a different sight word that the students had to read and write down.


The students have become such sight word super sleuths, I really need to be creative on where I hide the words! Here are some of the places I hid them:



This was the trickiest one for students to find today!


This activity is just perfect for kindergarteners for several reasons. First, they get to move around the classroom. Second, students use a clipboard to write on…who doesn’t love a clip board? Third, students not only read the word, but they also write the word. Finally, students color!

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