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life in kindergarten at Laguna Blanca

Dinosaur Collaboration

We wrapped up our unit on dinosaurs this week and the kindergartners have enjoyed many educational opportunities across the curriculum. In Science, they measured the lengths of dinosaurs, with the longest one reaching all the way from the science lab to the fourth grade classroom! In Technology, using Kid Pix 3D, students drew a picture of a dinosaur that they chose to research and then typed information about their selected dinosaur in a word document.  Here are some examples:

IMG_1123 IMG_1124 IMG_1125 IMG_1126









We made an incredible book the showcased each students’ work. A copy was made for our classroom library and a copy was created for each student to take home.


In Art, students drew pictures of their specific dinosaur, using oil pastel and bright watercolor paint. We used these paintings to categorize the dinosaurs as either herbivores or carnivores.

Another art activity included a diorama and red clay sculpture of each students’ chosen dinosaur.  I am just amazed with the quality of these sculptures and dioramas. Enjoy the photos below!




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