Eating like an herbivore!

Today during Friday Fun, Kindergarteners had a chance to eat like an herbivore! Students prepared fresh kale that they seasoned with olive oil and salt.










We cooked the kale at 350 degrees which turned them into chips!


Each student tried the kale chips….some enjoyed them more than others! Here is the recipe if you are interested:

kale chips

The Gingerbread Cookie

Our musical play, The Gingerbread Cookie, was a HUGE success! The Kindergarteners performed the musical twice yesterday, once for the Lower School community and once for their families. Each time the students projected their voices while reciting their lines. They sang their songs with enthusiasm and looked just adorable in their costumes.
Below are some videos of the songs the students performed. Enjoy!

The children sing the opening song.

The Little Old Man sings about baking his special cookie.

Gingy, the gingerbread cookie, sings the Run, Run song.

The Sly Fox sings about stealing her food.

The finale!

Congratulations, Kindergarteners, on a job well done!






It was an exciting day in Kindergarten as the students became paleontologists and participated in a dinosaur dig. Armed with a “lab coat,” goggles, pick and brush, each student was given a special block that contained a fossil of a dinosaur claw.
The dig took perseverance and patience, as the students picked away at the compressed sand to reveal the fossil.
At last, the claws were excavated and classified!

Reading Fun

I am always trying to discover new ways to make reading fun for my students. One skill we focus on during reading groups is one-to-one correspondence, where the students point to each word that is being read. Not only is this skill important to help students remember where they are on a page, but it also helps them take the time to really focus on the word they are decoding.

Though the students remember diligently to practice this skill, I felt recently like the practice was becoming a tad tired. How could I add a little excitement? What if the students attached something to their fingers to liven things up a bit? I scoured the Oriental Trading Company website and found….drumroll please… fingers!
monster finger
The Kindergarteners were absolutely enthralled with the creepy monster fingers! I have never seen the students pay as much attention to their books as I did today! Success! I also purchased LED fingers that we will try in the near future. They will surely add a little spark to reading groups!

Long Vowels

These past two days students have been introduced to the concept of long vowels, where the vowel says its name. Sound tricky? Absolutely, especially since they have been working with the short vowel sounds these past few months! I have been exposing the students to some fun songs and chants that will help solidify their understanding of these tricky long vowels. These are some of my favorite video links that help explain some of our long vowel rules:

When “e” on the end plays the no talking game, the vowel before it says its name.

When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.

Dinosaur Math

In keeping with our study of dinosaurs, I created a math center for the students that gave them the opportunity to practice subtraction using a toy dinosaur and game pieces that I purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers. First,each student chose a dinosaur game piece. The first player then chose an equation card, say 10-6. Each student then found the number 10 on the number line and made their dinosaur walk back six steps. The number the dinosaur landed on was the answer! The students LOVED solving the equations with their dinosaurs and it gave them a lot of practice with a challenging math skill..

Fabric Dying 101

Today was fabric dying day in Kindergarten! The children got to see their costumes for the play for the first time. I described the process of dying the fabric to them, and they were excited to give it a try. Some of the items were dyed a plain brown, while others were tie dyed. We will add embellishments to the clothing once the fabric has dried.

These items are ready to be tie-dyed.


A student adds the white clothes to the dye.

costume 5It worked!

Musical Play Preparations

This past week we have begun the many preparations for our musical play that we will be presenting to the Laguna Blanca School community on Wednesday, January 29. This year, I created a musical play based on the timeless story, The Gingerbread Man. Our play, though, has a twist – namely a fun and feisty gingerbread girl named Gingy.

The children have been busy learning songs and movements, as well as reciting their lines. Today during Friday Fun, the children began creating their costumes and the sets. (Here a student paints her hat…I am having trouble editing the photos, so I apologize that you will have to turn your head to the side to view the cute pic!)


Those students who won’t be wearing hats painted sets and props today.


Over the course of the next few weeks, the children will be making their costumes by fabric dying the pants, shirts, and dresses that I purchased. They will also create the backdrop for the play during Art class. Giving the children these opportunities to create different aspects of the musical play gives them ownership of this project. Check back soon to see what other progress we have made with our play.


2014 started with a ROAR when a mysterious package was delivered to the kindergarten classroom this morning. Inside was a giant EGG! We made some observations and inferences as to what was inside the egg.
dinoThis student thought there might be a chick inside the egg.

Next I gave the students three clues to further guide their inferences.
dino1After receiving these three additional clues, students recorded another guess. In the meantime, the egg began to hatch. Look what came out!
dino2 Later in the day we officially began our dinosaur unit by recording students’ schema. I wrote down exactly what each students said, whether it was fact or fiction. As the unit progresses, we will record our new learning, as well as any misconceptions on our schema chart.