How Full is your Stocking?

Yesterday we began a new project in kindergarten. First, I read the book How Full is Your Bucket aloud. This book illustrates the importance of being kind to others. Imagine you have an invisible bucket atop your head. Each time someone says something kind to you or does something positive towards you, a drop of water is added to your bucket. Conversely, when someone is unkind, or you make an unkind choice, a drop of water falls out of the bucket. We had a great discussion about how being kind to others in turn makes us feel happy.
Next we discussed what a compliment is. The project will be to write a compliment about each student in the class. Each student created a stocking, which I hung in the front of the classroom. As a compliment is written, the student places it in the appropriate bag. (I created a checklist with our class roster to ensure that each student writes and receives a compliment from each classmate.)
Here is a picture of our stockings waiting to be filled!

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