Welcome Kindergarteners!

A student familiarizes herself with the SMART Board.

A student familiarizes herself with the SMART Board.

Today my new class stopped by for a quick hour to get oriented with our classroom. I decided to send the kiddos on a scavenger hunt! (Thanks for the idea, Mr. Surber.) The children giggled with glee, as they pulled their parents around the classroom, discovering the child friendly bathroom, moving their name on the SMART Board, and even meeting Miss Creel’s cat! (a photo, of course!) After we wrapped things up in the classroom, the children moved on to meet the Specialist teachers in their classrooms. I feel so fortunate to have true specialists teaching art, science, P.E., technology, music, Spanish, and library skills. They are a remarkable group of teachers. I’d say the scavenger hunt was a huge success on all fronts!

Tomorrow is the even bigger day, when my Kinders come from 8:15 to noon. I have so many fun things planned. Doing the scavenger hunt today frees up a lot of time for me tomorrow where we can play fun, “getting to know you” games, compare the letters in our names, listen to two stories, and make homemade play dough! (I’ll post the incredible recipe tomorrow.) I won’t have to give the students a tour of the classroom or campus because they did it themselves today! And that means less talking by me! (Last year I had a student ask me on the first day, “Do you always talk this much?” in his sweet Kindergarten voice. YAY! ¬†With the scavenger hunt, now I won’t have to talk a lot!!)

First day, HOORAY!

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